Life Fully Alive

100_0277Flyleaf has a song about someone who’s physical existence has been disrupted, but how her spirit and her soul still strive for Life Fully Alive. I think of that with many of us who get bowled over with the seasons of change, traumas and experiences of life and find our way to complain like the Israelites in Exodus 11. Lamenting about going back to the place of bondage for fear of what Life Fully Alive might mean.

Living the life of your dreams is risky. You have to be willing to step out by faith, follow God’s lead and trust Him for every detail of the outcome. AND THEN, you have to be willing to do your part. Life Fully Alive doesn’t just drop itself into your lap and say hello. Life Fully Alive comes to those who abide in Jesus, follow Him and partake of His life giving Spirit.

There are 1-3% of this country’s citizens who are living “the American Dream” from self-made millionaires to billionaires rolling in the family dough. But, how many of these people live truly satisfying and happy lives? Are we willing to lay down our idea of what success looks like as well as our expectations for what that will fulfill in our lives – and absolutely lay it out in surrender to receive the fullness of life that God has promised us through Christ Jesus? John the Baptist wore camel’s hair, ate honey and locusts and live like a nomad in the desert – but he in his darkest moments remained more fulfilled and alive than any one of us in our societies of excess and moral vacancy.

What would success look like if you fully abide in Christ? Life fully alive.

Fully alive
More than most
Ready to smile and love life
Fully alive and she knows
How to believe in futures

(“Fully Alive” as sung by Flyleaf)

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