Migrating | Check Out the New Diggs!

My dear followers & friends,

I have begun migrating all of my online presence through blogs to their new home. This website will look and feel much the same as this site – except there will be more for you to engage in and all my online writing and happenings will be housed and accessed through the new domain.

Sandi Krakowski encourages those who participate in her coaching and social media programs to bite the bullet and purchase your domain, develop your online presence through a hosted wordpress.org (a paid for blogging platform). I finally decided to make this critical move in my journey. I am really enjoying it. VERY MUCH! I love the new site.

If you are currently following me at www.michellebentham.org, www.michellebenthamcreates.org or www.dream-create-live.com please hop over and subscribe to art stories/gallerymy blog & newsletter at my Home Page. Dream.Create.Live! is up and running HERE! 

Eventually I will get all of my domains transferred over as well, but for now – Hop on over and check out what is happening at Michelle Bentham Creates!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and “Like” my page on Facebook. But, most of all thank you for staying with me and graduating to this new season with me. WORDS of AFFIRMATION is one of my love languages – so feel free to post a comment and show me the love! 🙂


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