Inspiring Minds Want to Know


Tomorrow morning I get up to go meet my friend, Angie Leigh, at a one day conference hosted by Sandi Krakowski .

I cannot wait to hear from Sandi in person… After all she does bring the PINK!!! (Hollie & Becky Jo, that’s for you)

In all seriousness. I am mostly intrigued by what I see of her on Facebook & Twitter. Her focus on God & building successful businesses in people’s lives is refreshing & empowering.

I made the painting I share in this post for Sandi, and it is called “Crowned.” I love that when I enter into the anointing of His creativity that God will talk to me about who He says that person is even if I never met them before. I am excited to meet Sandi & give her this gift.

I call it prophetic chic!

I will conclude with two questions:

So my first question is what is God speaking over your life right now & what would it really look like to walk in that calling for you?

The second, who is it that is pouring I to your life right now, speaking destiny to you and pressing you toward your dreams?

Is that your final answer? (BTW, I didn’t plan the third question!)

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Proverbs 13:12