Living for Jesus? | Romans 8:1


If Romans 8:1 assures us there is NOW therefore NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, then why do we continue to try to live our lives FOR Jesus by controlling our behavior around the Law of Moses? We were never called to live or give our lives FOR Jesus by succumbing to the Letter of the Law. The Letter kills, but God’s Holy Spirit brings life to us through Jesus Christ. We are called to live our lives (abide) IN Jesus. This is the law of grace which trumps the Old Testament letter. Through this abiding relationship we come to repentance – (Greek: Meta-nooia- two root words meaning to change and the mind; or change your mind, the way you think)- in the Loving Kindness of God rather than fear of Judgment for sin. We grow in grace & knowledge of who He is and so become like Him being transformed from glory to glory! Happy Easter! Jesus died to redeem you – not your sins. Salvation & Christianity are not behavior contracts – they are an invitation to abide in Christ and find life to the full- the life you were always meant to live. So the only question is: Are you abiding in Christ or just living for Him?